Vet line

Over Otimax

Ear cleaner

Over Otimax has been created with the intention of taking care of the
dogs and cats’ ear canal. Thanks to specially selected ingredients, it
perfectly removes loose wax. Calendula o cinalis sooths irritation,
moistures and strengthens the ear skin.
Aloe Vera is known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerating
properties. Over Otimax is an excellent solution for ear hygiene

How to use:
Depending on the size of the animal, pour 3-15 drops into the ear canal.
Massage the base of the ear for about a minute. Then let the animal
shake the liquid out of its ears. Finally wipe the external ear from any
remaining wax. The liquid can be applied once a week for prophylaxis.
Following the vet’s recommendation, the product can be applied daily.

130 ml bottle