Vet line

Over Pectovit

Antidiarrheal powder

Over Pectovit is a natural, fast acting dietetic product which stops
food diarrhea. Plant flour and pectin thicken the digestive tract
content, so there is no loss of water and minerals. Additionally, these
components include dietary fibre, which restores normal intestinal
motility, while dextrose strengthens the body. This is a source of
easily available energy, and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium,
chlorides) restore homeostasis. Over Pectovit is recommended
especially for puppies, rodents and rabbits.


How to use: 

Mix the preparation with warm water in a 1:10 ratio (e.q 10 grams- 2 scopes- of Over Pectovit per 100 ml of water). Administer 10 ml of such a suspension per 1 kg of body weight.


50 g packaging