Over Urine Free Cat

Preparation permanently removing urine and other organic stains

A fast-acting, revolutionary, microbial cleaning agent which permanently removes urine and other organic stains and odors regardless of how persistent they are. Its safe, fast-acting formula removes the source of odour and stains. Over Urine Free also has an impact on stains of vomit, blood, faeces, grass and other organic stains. Due to its natural formula it is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

How to use:

Hard surfaces (wood, metal, ceramics etc.): Carefully wipe the urine from the surface. Spray the product and allow it to dry, then wipe. In case of old, dried stains, repeat all the steps every day auntil the odor dissapears.
Carpets/fabrics: Wipe as much urine as possible. Then spray the urine stain and the place under it carefully. Over Urine Free must come into contact with the entire surface stained with urine to remove all the dirt. Do not rub the stain, allow it to dry.


250 ml spray bottle